Crushing Cans

Can CrusherMy parents are currently traveling in Puerto Rico, and they recently called me excited about a cool device in the house they are staying in: a can crusher. Amidst their excitement, I was reminded of a recent newsletter I had received from my local recycling agency (Thurston County), with a note that they no longer want cans to be crushed for recycling. Of course, I had to share my new knowledge, which while it may not apply in Puerto Rico (some places still want cans crushed, check your area)  something they had been doing wrong, prompting groans about my limitless bad news. Do you crush your cans? And if so, have you checked with your local recycling agency if they prefer them that way?

Everyday things you probably didn’t know you’ve been doing wrong (or “what I learned in college”)

This blog was inspired by my parents during my time at The Evergreen State College. Studying environmental studies, every time I saw them they complained that I had some new piece of bad news about something they were doing wrong. Eventually, this list grew and we decided it was worth sharing with others, in the hope that maybe others can begin to do things right. Some will be funny, some annoying, and hopefully all will make you slightly more informed than you were before.